Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi torrent box with VPN, a guide that actually works

In this post I’m going to show you how to setup a torrent box (transmission) on a raspberry pi, that sits on a VPN so your privacy is protected. If the VPN disconnects, it will automatically stop the torrent service so you can rest assured that you are protected. I’ve setup a torrent box on […]

Mac OS X

Stop Mac OS X creating hidden files when using the tar command

Last week I found something quite frustrating with the tar command on Mac OS X, it likes to put hidden files into archives when you tar them up, it doesn’t give you any warning, just does it. Creating a tar, and then having a look at its contents, you’ll see something like this : Notice […]

Linux Subversion

Recursively deleting .svn directories

Messing around with your subversion directories and fed up of the .svn hidden folders laying around? If you try and checkin some directories that contain a .svn folder from some other repository, you’re going to have a whole world of pain trying to fix it (speaking from first hand experience here) The easiest way to […]


Using special characters in a linux sed command without having to escaping them

I came across a brilliant little feature of the linux sed command today that I wasn’t aware of, and thought it was well worth posting up about. I’d been using sed statements inside a bash script, to trawl through property files and replace values, these were all alphanumeric values so I didn’t have any problems […]


How to keep checking if port is open, by issuing socket connects

I recently need to check if a particular application is online and listening on a particular set of ports. I figured that the best way to do this was to periodically issue some socket connects onto those ports. If I got an exception, then clearly there would be an issue. This was all running on […]