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Grails based survey system, the android app

Some time back I wrote an article describing the roosearch system I developed using grails. This is the second part, the android client, please checkout the previous article otherwise this might not make much sense! After completing the grails component, I had a RESTful API available to me, and I just needed to build an […]

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Deploying the android libraries into your maven repository

Maven is a fantastic build tool, and a great addition to anyone developing on the android platform, however one of the first hurdles that people often stumble upon, is when their project involves one of the SDK libraries, such as Google Maps. You’ll most likely see something like this when you attempt to first compile […]

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Android; how to display a map the easy way..

I’m seeing countless questions, literally on a daily basis on StackOverflow regarding using maps on Android. To be honest I’ve never come across these problems but it seems many people have trouble using the maps in their application, so I’ll provide a clear and easy set of instructions on how to do this. Common issues […]