Grails Groovy

Getting to grips with Grails, building a survey management system

Sometime in late 2012 I was discussing dissertation project ideas with my girlfriend, as she was coming up to her final year of a computing bachelors. The usual option chosen by many graduates would be to just build a website or an app, or do some form of market research. We decided to encompass all […]

Javascript Node.js

An intro to Node.js, building a URL shortener

Node has been on my todo list of things to investigate for a little while now, whilst I don’t have much background in javascript, after constantly hearing about it when I was working at O2 Telefonica, I thought I better see what the fuss is all about. The best way to learn how to use […]

Android Cloud & Web Development Maven

Deploying the android libraries into your maven repository

Maven is a fantastic build tool, and a great addition to anyone developing on the android platform, however one of the first hurdles that people often stumble upon, is when their project involves one of the SDK libraries, such as Google Maps. You’ll most likely see something like this when you attempt to first compile […]

Cloud & Web Development Continuous Integration Maven

Deploying artefacts into your CloudBees maven repositories.

If you’re like me, and have a fair few hobby projects on the go at any one time, you’re may want to take advantage of some of the free cloud services that are available out there. I’m particulary fond of the Maven repositories that CloudBees offer, as it gives you a safe and easy way […]