Cloud & Web Development

Exporting data from Enphase APIs

I bought an Enphase solar powered system in early 2017, one of the major appeals of the Enphase brand was that is has developer APIs, so I could track my systems power generation and even household usage. My aim is to get this data out of the Enphase APIs then try to make sense of […]

Grails Groovy

Getting to grips with Grails, building a survey management system

Sometime in late 2012 I was discussing dissertation project ideas with my girlfriend, as she was coming up to her final year of a computing bachelors. The usual option chosen by many graduates would be to just build a website or an app, or do some form of market research. We decided to encompass all […]

Android Google APIs Java

Android; how to display a map the easy way..

I’m seeing countless questions, literally on a daily basis on StackOverflow regarding using maps on Android. To be honest I’ve never come across these problems but it seems many people have trouble using the maps in their application, so I’ll provide a clear and easy set of instructions on how to do this. Common issues […]

Java Yahoo! APIs

Tutorial; How to call Yahoo! REST web services the easy way!

I’ve got some requirements where I need to call a REST web service from an Android device, so I figured I’d get back to basics, and try to call a REST service through a simple Java application, just to see if I can get it working. After trawling the web for what seemed like hours, […]