Slackware 13.0 Installation : Part 1, pre-install

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Slackware, which I like to refer to as “proper linux”, theres no messing around with fancy wizards, this is hardcore linux; and a good cure for insomnia (second to Linux From Scratch that is)

This should help you get Slackware 13 installed, I did all of this using Virtual Box so make sure you have that installed first, and have created an environment ready for slackware.

Insert your LiveCD, or mount your downloaded ISO onto Virtual Box, then start up the virtual machine. Once virtual box has loaded up it should bring you to the first welcome screen in the Slackware 13 installation.

Just press enter at the first screen, as we’re just doing a basic install we won’t need any advanced parameters.

The next prompt you’ll receive, just select to use the default keyboard map.

You will next be presented with some information about how to begin the installation, and be asked to login as root. Go ahead and type root, you’ll then be ready to start installing.