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Service first using JAX-WS

There are two ways for developing services using JAX-WS, service first, and contract first. Service first means you would typically write the implementation first and generate the WSDL afterwards, whereas contract first you would define the WSDL first, then write the implementation afterwards. There are pros and cons for each approach, but I won’t dwell […]


How to quickly and easily convert a formatted XML into a single line…

So you’ve got a nicely formatted XML object, with all your indentation setup so that it is easy to read. However there may come a time when you need that lovely XML to be formatted to a single line. You could post it into notepad and manually format it, however this becomes quite a chore […]

Android Java XML

Android or Standard Java; Mapping your XML onto POJOs easily, and vice versa

I’ve listed this post under Android, but to be honest this could apply to both J2SE and J2EE, its not really specific to Android but it was part of a requirement I was working with for a recent Android project. The problem I had, was that I was getting an XML String as a response […]