Game development in process…

I’ve been a video gamer since I can remember, completed countless titles on various formats and enjoy the challenge they provide, however I’ve discovered a new challenge, creating them.

I’m not a games designer by trade, and have no prior experience, unless you can include some tic-tac-toe games I did at college. This is purely a learning process, and to have some fun on the side

I’ve decided to try and come up with a game. I’ve always been a fan of the RPG genre of gaming, and was really into Pokemon back in the day along with various other console RPGs, and recently MMORPG games on the PC. I’m trying to develop a concept that builds upon some of the very good features of these games, Pokemon had a very addictive gameplay where you would hunt for creatures to capture. There were various colours and types of creature to get, making the hunt fun for the player, something to aim for.

Other RPG games focus around character progression, the idea that you can take a character and customise it really makes the character feel personal, and the gamer sub-consiouclsly builds up a relationship with the imaginary character.

My aim is to create a game where players can hunt for creatures, but can also progress their character in diverse routes, harnessing the core features of addictiveness, and customisation. I’m by no means making this a business adventure, and probably won’t get very far, but I’m a big fan of side projects and like to keep thinking and developing ideas.

My secondary goal of this is to try to generate visitors to the blog, to help share knowledge that I gain, to promote my work and my reputation, and to also earn some financial rewards through Ad revenue.

A good friend of mine, Lee, has recently taken his first step in games design, and has created an application that interfaces with a popular online browser game, Lord of Ultima. This is a strategy/RTS type game, and he was cleverly able to create a planner which allows players to plan their next moves to determine their future positions in the game. Lee is getting a substantial amount of unique visitors per month, and has really tapped into a good niche. He is also working on a new teamed RPG style game, and after a few discussions this prompted my thinking into creating my own work of art.

I plan to keep my code open source, to allow people to see what is under the hood, as is not often possible with games, this will hopefully demonstrate some of my code crafting skills, and enable the community to comment and suggest improvements and such. I may allow other developers to become code-committers if the situation arises.

I’ll keep my Open Source page updated where I can, mostly working on ideas at the moment but hope to have something up before christmas